The golden light of the golden heart of Melchizedek became more visible to us all.

Melchizedek connects golden hearts pendants with his energy of peace and love. Read more...
Become One With Peace

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Melchizek has let us know that He is temporarily stopping the live broadcasts. The reason why He does this has to do with a new spiritual process in which He is going to bring us.
As soon as the broadcasts are restarted, we will let you know immediately.

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Day Date CEST – Central European Winter Time

Melchizedek’s Peace for Humanity
We’ve been told that more peace may come to Earth by the grace of God and it’s Melchizedek’s mission to bring this peace.

Melchizedek wants to bring you peace, peace coming from divine love. Melchizedek is peace, love, light, truth and justice.

Many loving beings help Melchizedek with his mission, e.g. Yeshua (Jesus), angels, masters and mistresses of light, sisters from Agartha and nature spirits. All are working together in harmony and joy to help us.

Transmission of Peace
This beautiful transmission of peace and love from Melchizedek to mankind happens by several means, s.a. live web broadcasts (they are free) and live sessions where our divine sparks work together with Melchizedek’s flow of peace and love.

Peace and Love want to settle permanently in mankind
Melchizedek brings you divine peace that anchors itself deeper and deeper within your heart and soul, dissolving any dualistic and negative thoughts.

This peace brings you such great harmony, that you can actually start feeling unconditional love and deep inner peace. It can considerably change you for the better, because this love and peace will stay within you permanently.

This peace will be manifested to you through clarity, compassion, gentleness, goodness, joy, serenity, fulfillment and true intimacy with God.

From Inner peace to world peace
Once we’re able to establish peace within ourselves, we can live better together in harmony with each other.
World peace can only happen when enough people experience inner peace.
Melchizedek gives us the ability to connect ourselves with this divine peace.

Melchizedek said: “I give my heart of peace to mankind.”
What a great gift to all of us! To receive this gift we just need to be willing to open ourselves.
If you concentrate on the glowing golden heart at the top of this page, you might already start to feel peace and love. Initially, you will feel this peace and love in your heart and solar plexus chakras.

For more information about Melchizedek and his mission, please visit the page “Melchizedek”.

The live webcast session of Melchizedek, januari 4th 2015. Notice the beautiful blue/turquoise/silver colours wich came over us.

With love and peace,
Monique and André