Exercises for peace and contact with your Divine Spark

Exercises for Peace and Contact with Your Divine Spark
In addition to receiving peace and love of Melchizedek through live webcast sessions and live sessions, it is also advisable to apply exercises. These exercises are in close relationship with everything that may happen during the sessions and support in the processes to contact your divine spark and to achieve inner peace.

Tall Trees - From Crown to Root
Melchizedek uses the energy of tall trees (and also mountains) for the integration of his energies into your aura-chakra system and physical body. After a live session or live webcast session you could go to a place where there are tall trees, like a forest. Energetically the received energy will flow from your top (divine spark) through your multi-dimensional bodies at your chakras, and your aura, all the way down to your physical body. In this way the energy will be grounded and helps you to anchor these energies of peace within yourself.


Melchizedek likes to dwell in the mountains of the Himalayas. If you're there onetime, you can connect with him very well. But you can also connect with him through a photograph of the Himalayas.


The Gardens of Yeshua
The power gardens of Yeshua make a wonderful contribution to the further development of your connection with your Higher Self and your divine spark. You can read more about this on the page " The Gardens of Yeshua."


The living symbol of the heart
You can connect with the symbol of the heart by looking at this symbol on the website, through a card, a poster, etc. This way you can ask for help to Melchizedek and his assistents.
You can also connect consciously with the peace-making heart placed in the invisible world by Melchizedek.
The symbol of the heart is a living symbol. As large radiant heart in the invisible world it is constantly radiating the loving energies of peace. One can also join in thoughts and feelings with this living symbol.


Make contact with the sun
A human being cannot receive the powerful energy of God directly. His energy is too strong for that and we cannot deal with that energy.
So God is always looking for conductors to bring his energy in a safe manner to humanity. For example, angels are conductors of divine energies. Melchizedek is too. God also uses the sun as a conductor. The sun is full of love, warmth and light and can therefore be a good conductor. God also provides blessings to mankind through the sun.

A good time to receive the heavenly blessings is during sunrise. You can sit in a quiet place and open yourself up to the blessings of God. It is important that you are going to have a relationship with God, so a connection can be established between you and Him, and the contact between you and your divine spark will also increase.


In your mind, talk to God, who also reveals himself through the sun. Ask Him to bless you, to help you, become your friend, and meditate on it. You will notice that you will feel the blessings. The same can be done with Melchizedek. You can talk to him, ask Him to be your friend and ask him to give his peace and love to you.
A part of your higher-self lives in the sun. You can ask your higher-self to help you connect with it. You can also visualize that you live in the sun, and that the part of you that lives there sends light and love to your earthly personality. In this way, the bond between you and your higher self can strengthen.
In the previous exercise, you can also imagine that there is a beautiful white light bridge between your divine spark and you or your higher-self and you. Next, imagine that your heavenly light being walks from the sun towards you.
You can ask Melchizedek whether he wants to flow his love and peace through the sun into your heart.
You can ask God if he wants to give you his blessings through the sun.
You can ask for help to cure diseases, to make you happy, heal emotions etc. The sun itself has many healing power, which can be reinforced if you are aware of this and ask for it consciously.

From about 1 hour before sunset until sunset you can ask God or Melchizedek, to free you, through the sun, from things like diseases, a feeling you don’t like, an emotion and so on. During this hour, the sun provides little energy, but takes particular energies away. You can use this consciously, by asking to take something away from you which you like to get rid of.

Talking to your divine spark
You are in essence your divine spark, your eternal flame. Your true being is love, peace, harmony, wisdom, etc. The more you're aware of this, the more the divine spark can come forward. Talk to God in yourself as to your best friend and if you are patient, you will at some point experience the presence of God more and more inside yourself.

Dealing with emotions
Before peace permanently will dwell in you, you will regularly have to deal with emotions. Emotions are part of the nature of human beings, and are, therefore, natural. Emotions are an inner experience of for example, joy, fear, sadness, despair, loneliness, depression etc. Dualistic emotions often indicate that something is still asking for healing and awareness. So they fulfill a signaling function. Emotions pull you away from your inner center. There are very good ways to deal with emotions, so you can heal inwardly.

1.Stay with your emotion. Suppose for example you're very angry. Be aware that you are angry. Accept it. Do not judge, but be aware of the anger. Ask to your inner divine spark to help you. You will notice that the anger disappears and gives way to joy.

2.Commit yourself to a higher level in yourself. You're not your emotions. You're not the despair, the fear, the anger, the sadness. There's a part of you, your higher self and your divine spark, which are whole, who are always love and peace. Connect with that part of you that is bigger than your emotions. From there you accept your emotions and embrace it in love.

Both exercises work well. In this way the feeling of powerlessness and that the emotions are stronger than you can solve.
With both exercises you make a connection to your own deepest being that is always unconditional love. So your own higher love can give you the basic love and protection which is a premise to let your wonderful divine spark blossom.
Your emotions can be used as fuel for growing your love and strengthen your relationship with your divine spark.