A Heart pendant for connecting with the living symbol of Melchizedek’s Golden Heart

Melchizedek picked the shining golden heart as a symbol of peace. If love flows from the heart there will be peace. Peace and love go hand in hand; there is no peace without love.

The golden color was chosen by Melchizedek because gold is condensed sunlight. Love and wisdom of the sun have acted on material matter of mother Earth until the light of the sun condensed into a fixed structure: gold.

Many divine energies work through the sun. Sun rays contain much warmth, love, light and divine information.

The Golden Heart is a Living Symbol
The golden heart is a living symbol. In the invisible world it continuously radiates energies of love and peace. You can make a connection in your thoughts and feelings with this living symbol.

The Golden Heart as a Tangible Symbol
Melchizedek made this living symbol tangible to mankind. It is represented in real gold, because gold has the capability to let energies of peace and love flow into our world, so they can be felt by us. Melchizedek connects these little golden hearts with his energy of peace and love. So all these little heart pendants are always connected to the living symbol.
With each golden heart one also gets a short personal message from Melchizedek.

The Golden Heart as Reference, Help and Protection
The golden heart symbol functions as an important instrument to Melchizedek. Also, the golden heart protects and can be a central tool to help you developing inner peace and connecting yourself with your divine spark.

Ordering the Golden Heart

Golden pendant hart
14 karat gold

Sizes hart big:
h = 11 mm
w = 13 mm
d = 3 mm

Price € 114,-


Golden pendant hart
14 karat gold

Sizes hart medium:
h = 8 mm
w = 10 mm
d = 2,5 mm

Price € 82,-

The packets are sent registered and insured. Insurance is necessary for the transmission of jewelery.

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