Melchizedek Live Webcast

How Does it Work?
During a live webcast just open yourself to the peace of Melchizedek. You don’t have to do anything special. The best would be if you are in a quiet environment so you can concentrate on what you are about to receive.

Sit comfortably in front of your screen, open up yourself for what is to come and focus on Melchizedek’s golden heart for a moment.

A webcast takes around 25 minutes.

What Happens During a Live Webcast?
During a webcast (free), Melchizedek passes energy through our Divine Spark, our Higher Self, our aura and eyes. The eyes are a bridge between the inner and outer world, between Heaven and Earth.

We silently meditate with closed eyes, to transfer celestial energies from Melchizedek’s universal consciousness into your own consciousness. At the end of the session we say a formula out loud:

"May the Earth be a planet full of love and peace!"

You can say this formula too. Doing so greatly helps to let the energies descent into your aura, chakras and physical body.

In the beginning you will mainly experience the peace and love of Melchizedek in your heart and solar plexus chakras.

Normally, during a session, multiple waves of energy flow, each of them with a different purpose: e.g. for love, for peace, for restoring the bond with your Divine Spark. The energy of peace gradually builds up during the webcast, so the best is to follow an entire session, from beginning to end.

Every time you join us, you are not only working to bring peace to yourself, but also to bring peace to others. Melchizedek shares this energy with others. Now, you might probably be asking yourself, “Couldn’t Melchizedek do this without our help?” Well, of course he can and he is continuously doing so.

It’s known, that just a relatively small group of people are ready for the transition to a new era, to a world of love and peace. Many beings from the invisible world, such as Angels, mother Earth, spheres souls, masters of light, nature spirits and the Melchizedeks are ready to help and work together once again with mankind.

Nevertheless, a large group of people don’t want this transition yet, at least not consciously. The masses still need to awaken for this. Therefore, it’s invaluable to all beings of light if the human kingdom works together and joins in for peace, consciously devoting time for this cause. It is out of hope and gratitude for mankind that they multiply this energy of peace and spread it on earth.

During a session many viewers see a golden light, or other colors like silver, blue and pink, flow over us. The meanings of these colors are:

Gold: Represents the energy of the Golden Age that will come to earth. It’s the engergy of unity, love, the consciousness of Christ and the color used by Melchizedek to establish peace and connect with your Divine Spark.
Gold also represents the masculine principe in mankind. It heals, harmonises and enforces the masculine principle.
Silver: The feminine principe. It heals, gives haremony and enforces the femine principle.
White: Represents the Divine Light that surrounds us and inspires everything.
Blue: The "truth", daring to stand within your force, for the truth and goodness, the peace of Heaven, acting according to the will of Heaven.
Pink: Representing the Divine Love, the softness, compassion, curing of the inner child.

When Are the Webcasts?
At the calendar page you can find the dates and times of the live webcasts. At this page you will also find a link to the webcast page, where you can watch the last recorded session or join the next live webcast.