The Spark of God

Everyone has a part of God in them, called the Divine spark of God. This divine spark (also known as Monad or Divine Core or the in dwelling God) is always one with God and has the same unconditional love, infinite wisdom and peace from God himself. Ever-present He is an inexhaustible resource that will never cease to flow.

So how it is possible that we, as human beings, do not experience lasting peace and people do not love unconditionally as God does?

Mankind has descended so deeply into the worlds of matter and dualism that he created dense layers around himself, to such an extent that it became all dominant and we no longer hear the call of our own divine spark and don’t experience his love and light anymore.

Man is a Multidimensional Being
In brief man consists of a body, soul and spirit. The soul and the spirit (The spark of God) have their own "bodies" (dimensions). These bodies are living in various areas of astral and cosmic / spiritual dimensions. These are dimensions other than the 3rd dimension that we all know so well and where we live with our physical body.

The divine spark of God is another word for the divine spirit of man. The Higher Self, you could place in the higher, uncontaminated parts of your soul. The Higher Self resides in the sun, even though he can connect himself with all life on earth and in the cosmos.

The divine spark can act through your Higher Self on your consciousness and your body. But man can conversely make contact with his Higher Self, and therefore his spark of God. This creates a beautiful exchange.

Melchizedek Brings You in Touch with Your Divine Spark
Melchizedek wants to bring you, with much love and patience, in contact again with your divine spark. Humanity has been deprived of this for a long time. Sometimes this was reserved only for the individual, often after many trials and long, heavy preparations.

So it is an extraordinary grace that Melchizedek now wants to help you recover your connection with your divine spark.
This is a process that will take place step by step and will be done by means of the livestream sessions, but also through the live sessions where you can attend. For more information on this, please see the pages agenda and livestream broadcast.

The exercises also make a significant contribution. These can be found at the "Exercises" page.