Water and golden hearts provided with peace and love during live sessions
It is now possible at the end of the live sessions, after the formula, to put a bottle of water in front of the screen (more bottles are allowed). Melchizedek will provide the water with his powers of love and peace.

For those who have purchased a heart pendant of gold, it is possible to place this pendant also in front of the screen. Melchizedek will bring this pendant on a higher energy level, if He thinks this is desirable for your personal situation.

How the golden light of the golden hart of Melchizedek became more visible for us all

The Golden Light

(for the live session on video, see below)

During the live webcast of Melchizedek on April 27th, something very special happened. As the session progressed, more and more golden light appeared. We only saw this at the end of the session when we looked from the camera to the screen .

During the session we felt and we saw, in the invisible world, that a radiant golden light spread out over us. By experience, we now know this golden light comes from the golden heart of Melchizedek. Usually in the last 10 minutes of the web session Melchizedek lets this golden heart - a living symbol and staying in his Kingdom of Peace – descent slowly into the atmosphere of the earth. We often experience this as a very strong event and the light and peace of the heart flows over our world and all those who are watching our live webcast.

Some viewers of the live webcast reported, after the session, that they had seen this light slowly spread around us. Golden light or a golden glow. Some viewers also reported it was as if they were themselves bathing in a golden light.

There were no mailfunctions with the camera, because we have thoroughly tested the camera one hour before and after the session. In addition, we received confirmation frome Melchizedek that it was indeed the golden light of his golden hart.

Melchizedek has now made himself known in a physical way. For us this was also a surprise.

You can feel a big difference in energy ( top left ) when you concentrate on the 1st photo of us and then for example, on the last photo ( 6 bottom right ) .

Below the life session of April 27th 2014 where the Golden Light of Melchizedek became visible for the first time.

Many other colours become visible during a live webcast
Many people, in fact everyone who looks, are seeing, besides the Golden Light, also other colors that are poured over us. Colours like silver, blue and pink. The meaning of all those colors are:

Gold: Represents the energy of the Golden Age which will come on earth. It is the energy of unity, love, Christ consciousness and the color used by Melchizedek for peace and contact with your own divine spark of God.
The golden color also represents the "male part" in humans. The gold harmonises and strengthens / mitigated when necessary so the "male-side" in humans.
• Silver: Represents the "female part" in humans. Silver harmonises and strengthens / mitigated where necessary the "feminine part" in humans.
White: Represents the Divine Light that surrounds us and animates everything.
• Blue: Represents the "truth", dare to stand in your power, stand up for the truth and the good, the peace of Heaven, acting in accordance with the will of Heaven.
• Pink: Represents the divine love, gentleness, compassion, harmonises the inner child.

Through this link, the session of 5-5-14 is visible. Here the Golden Light is visible after 9 minutes.

Through this link the session of 9-8-14 is visible. Here is the Golden Light also visible and also blue and pink light.
Through this link the session of 4-1-15 is visible. Notice the beautiful blue/turquoise/silver colors.