The Gardens of Yeshua (Jesus)* and the spark
of God

In recent years, so-called spiritual power spots came into existence in our garden. These power spots can bring people in contact with their higher-self and Divine Spark when they visit the gardens. The name of Yeshua is associated because he plays an important role in the operation of these power places. Furthermore, Yeshua also wants to give his love to the people. He wants to be close to the people so that they can start feeling him and therefore do not place him so far away.

These gardens of Yeshua can be compared with "Gates of Love and Light" to higher planes of existence, where is much more harmony and love than here on earth. The Love and Light forces that flow through those gates are embedded in the earth by the Elohim, Archangels, Angels and Light Masters and Mistresses and of course Yeshua himself. In this process, our higher bodies are used to help anchor the unity forces in the earth.

With each garden relate certain nature spirits, masters of light and/or Angels and Archangels. They add their specific qualities and strengths to the garden and to the people who visit the garden.

The gardens and their healing, luminous and loving forces are there for everyone, regardless of background, experience and knowledge of the visitor.

All the gardens are under high protection and are layered; this means that everyone will receive what it’s fitting well at that time. In practice, this means that you can sit down with an receptive posture quietly at a garden and a process will start. This can be a healing or spiritual/inspirational process or a process of transformation. That is different for everyone.

The gardens of Yeshua not only give you a thorough cleansing and healing of, for example, to all seven chakras, but they also give you an experience of unity, harmony, love and light. The ultimate goal of these magnificent gardens is that they want to prepare people in such a way that they will be able to descend deeper into their higher self and Divine Spark.

This is not just a beautiful philosophy. This is pure experience and a rise in the powers of oneness. These powers of oneness are, as mentioned, established and anchored in the ground by all these beautiful beings of Light. They co-create with the Higher Self of Mother Earth, called Lady Gaia, with the aim to invite the people to a beautiful collaboration with all the Realms to bring unity and peace to the planet.

Below are some images of the gardens. For more information about the gardens of Yeshua, please visit our website

*Jesus prefers his original name Yeshua (pronounced Jeshua) above Jesus, because the name Jesus is very fraught and also because the name Jesus is a Greek / English conjugation of his original Hebrew name. Yeshua was initially his name as he wore it in his earthly life. Yeshua also finds that this name brings him closer to mankind, instead of being placed somewhere far away. He wants to be a friend and a brother.

The Crown chakra Garden
The Hart chakra Garden
The Mother Earth Garden