Our Mission

Melchizedek would like to help humanity to develop peace and love people deeper and deeper in mankind.
Melchizedek has an enormous cosmic consciousness. He carries the whole of humanity and the earth in his consciousness.
He is the king of love of this planet.
Many light beings help him to accomplish his mission.

In the time that Melchizedek was physically on earth (at the time of Abraham), we, Monique and André, were his pupils. In this life he prepared us further and gave us many trials and initiations. We are finally consecrated by him in the Consecration of bread and wine- bread representing the light, wisdom, and wine stands for love.
We are now working together with Him from our highest Being; our higher self and our divine spark. So his mission became our mission: to bring peace to the hearts of men.

Our Origin
From the Highest Source of Love of God, many different fields of love emerged. These fields were split and so the monads came into existence. Monad means the indwelling God spark, the spark of eternity.

Sparks of God that emerged from the same field together form a monad group and have essentially all the same qualities. In the beginning you were only your divine spark of God. You were a shining light, full of love and one with all that exist. You went on a journey through the universe and got all kinds of experiences in different dimensions. In this way your monad got a body of experience around him, this is called the I Am - body. This includes all the experiences of your Monad. Your I Am - body has then created a Higher Self. Experiences you gained in different lives, both good and bad, were stored in your soul. Your soul is the experience vehicle of your Higher Self.

In current times we get the opportunity to recover contact with our higher self and even our divine Sparks. More and more people are aware of this and follow this path. You are going to remind again that you are not separated from the Source, but the Divine Source is alive in you. At the moment you have contact with the Monad energy again you make contact with the core of your being. If you awake consciously this most pure, uncontaminated, loving part of yourself, the spark of God, to all parts of your life and being, you can say that you embody your divine spark. There are only very few on Earth who can say this. But even if you do not yet embody your Eternal Flame, you can work together already from the essence of your monadic consciousness with the fields of angels or the fields of the light masters from where you originated.

Our divine Spark is part of the great universal, cosmic field of the Melchizedek collective and is in continuous communication with it and working with this collective.

Experience God's Love
“...When God wanted to give art to mankind he sent souls with artistic qualities to the earth. When God wanted to give music to the earth, God sent the earth musical souls. Often those souls come all together in the same time period. Now God wants to give humanity awakening, peace, love, and experience, to realize the kingdom of God on earth. Again, there are souls all incarnated with the same goal in the same time...to contribute to this immense task: peace on earth, the golden age, awaken people for love... and now you can see similarities too... souls that God have given the mission not to talk about awakening, peace and love so much, but especially to let people experience this... "

Melchizedek’s Peace is Universal
Melchizedek’s peace and teachings are universal. This means he is present for everyone. He loves all people, no matter what religion, belief, race or color a person has.

People often think in preferences, or disapprove, do like the one but not the other. Or fight against people who think or believe differently. It is also human nature to think that someone can claim God's sole and exclusive Love. Or even go further... to think that God has chosen only their group or species.

These are all human thoughts and ideas and have nothing to do with how divine beings like the Melchizedek are thinking; how they are they are and act.

The Melchizedek of our earth (although he can be at the same time working in other parts of our universe ) is a being with a boundless unconditional love, his light is like a sun, and he has such great goodness, mercy and gentleness, which transcends human feeling many, many times.

Therefore, such beings are able to love everyone, and really take on humanity in his consciousness to give peace to all; to be there for everyone, without exception. So also for you...